Pearl is a purebred German Shepherd. Born around July 2014, she is believed to be 8 years old. Pearl is a big girl at around 85 pounds.  This lovely girl spent her life as a backyard breeding dog, but she’s been spayed and vaccinated and she is in good health. Now Pearl’s wish is to find someone who will appreciate the affectionate, easy-going girl she is. Pearl will be close to her special person.
Pearl has been an outdoor-only dog all her life, and she loves being fully integrated into her foster family! Her manners are great – she is house-trained (no accidents at all), quiet, non-destructive, and crate-trained. She likes humans of all sizes. She’s polite when she meets new dogs, and although she tends to be dominant toward the other dogs in her household she is not aggressive – just a bit pushy and not too keen on sharing her special human.

Pearl is not safe with cats or other small prey animals. There are chickens at her foster home, and she hasn’t tried to get through the fence into their run, but they wouldn’t safe if she was let loose with them. Pearl barks at the horses but is probably able to learn better manners.Although she’s not especially high-energy, Pearl would enjoy sharing her life with people who like walking or low-level hiking. She’d be equally happy just spending her days hanging out with you at home or at work. Really, if she can just be with you, she’ll be content!

Pearl doesn’t display separation anxiety as such, but she’s definitely happiest when she’s with her person. Left behind, she’s likely to make a fuss when you leave. She’s a smart girl and hadn’t been living indoors for long before she figured out how to open a door, and if your fence is at all permeable she’ll go through it to search for you. So the belief is that she will be able to adapt to being left at home, but she’s looking for a job as your close companion, so her adopter’s yard needs to be securely fenced.

Pearl can be protective – not aggressive, but she’ll bark at an intruder and she’ll get between her human and a perceived threat. Apart from that she’s generally quiet.Pearl is a lovebug! She loves being petted and cuddled, and will enthusiastically wash you in return! She also loves to bring you presents – socks, old paper napkins, random pieces of wood – whatever she finds lying around, she’ll bring it to you and if you don’t want it, that’s fine, she’ll carry it for you.

Things that make Pearl happy? She’s not much interested in toys or balls, but give this girl a bone and she is about as happy as can be. And she LOVES car rides! If you’re looking for a companion who will always be up for a road trip, she is definitely your girl!

Pearl is crate trained. She will willingly go into her crate on command. In her foster home she is crated at night, and she made it clear that her crate needed to be in the bedroom with her foster mom! When crated in the living room, she fussed; in the bedroom, she settles promptly and sleeps through. Despite always having been an outside dog, Pearl is reliably house-trained and hasn’t had any accidents in her foster home. Generally her house manners are good – she is quiet, doesn’t get on furniture, and doesn’t chew inappropriately. However if you leave yummy stuff on the kitchen counters, she’s going to assume they’re intended for her!

Apart from basic manners, Pearl hasn’t had much training. She comes reliably when called and usually walks well on a leash – but she can pull, and she doesn’t know any obedience commands. However she is VERY smart; this is one old dog who can definitely learn new tricks!
Pearl is posted for Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team.  She is living in a foster home in Kennewick, Eastern Washington. To apply to adopt Pearl, please email  You can see more pictures of her in her Facebook album at