Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Tiny Pebbles makes up in personality and friendliness what she lacks in the beauty department. Her upper jaw is loose and displaced to one side from longstanding dental disease, leaving her with the snaggle-tooth look and making her snorty at times.  She has a mammary mass that will be removed and she also needs to be spayed.

Pebbles is settling well into her new ODH final refuge home and her fosters tell us “she is an incredibly sweet and social girl who gets along well with other dogs as well as all humans”. A true social butterfly, Pebbles LOVES meeting new people and gets her little wiggle-butt going whenever someone greets her.

Pebbles has some major health challenges ahead of her. She has a mass on her abdomen that is probably malignant and will require surgery. She has NO upper jaw at all and only one tooth left on the lower jaw, that tooth being quite loose. When she arrived Pebbles had dandruff and was quite itchy but that has improved significantly with the care she is receiving in her new home.

Thanks to Old Dog Haven and our generous supporters, sweet Pebbles will get the veterinary care she needs to remedy her long list of health issues. She is an amazing little gal and we are hoping we can give her a couple more years of love and peace. She deserves it!