Pedro Vasquez is a great little chihuahua who came into the state’s busiest shelter covered in fleas, with 1 eye blind probably from previous trauma and a cataract limiting vision in the other eye. He was quite healthy but nearly-blind senior dogs have so little chance of adoption that ODH was asked to take him in. Our vet fixed his teeth and he settled into his Final Refuge home. Despite his lack of vision he gets around great. He gets very excited when his people come home, he gets a toy and dances his way over to you snorting the whole time. He loves to cuddle and be right up against you while he sleeps. He has his own quilt that he gets under when it’s bed time and he’ll sleep there not moving all night. He perks right up when you say, “who wants a cookie?” Then he runs to the kitchen where he stands on his back legs snorting until he gets his treat. Pedro is a lover and his ODH family’s lives are better since he has come into it.

Update:  Pedro Vasquez got in lots of cuddles, really enjoyed his home and added a great deal of joy to the lives of ‘his’ humans.  It was with great sadness that they sent him on his way when his age caught up to him.