Peggy had spent several weeks in one shelter and then was sent to another where she curled up and became completely withdrawn – she seemed to have given up hope. ODH was asked to get her into a home where her very arthritic legs and elbows, plus some pretty serious infection, could be addressed. She was immediately put on several antibiotics and medication; she stayed at Home Base for a few days and came to live in a very quiet Final Refuge home, joining four other ODH dogs. Very different than when she gave up on life at the shelter, Peggy has a wonderful personality, always the first to wag her tail and “smile” when she sees you! She has wonderfully expressive eyes, and is always willing to have you rub her ears or scratch her head. She is so easy to have around and, although she is a fairly large dog, she is happy to find a comfy dog bed to lounge on until it is time to go outside and “check out the grounds.” Even with lots of arthritis she is a total trooper about going for two good walks every day; even being a bit slow, she always knows where everyone else is and tries her best to keep up. We know the exercise is good for her and hope in time that the meds and supplements along with extra good dog food will improve her mobility. She is a wonderful addition to this Final Refuge family who hope to enjoy her company for a long time. We hope she feels as lucky to be here as we feel to have her! “We were lucky enough to have loved Peggy for just under a year. Not nearly long enough, but we savored every single day we enjoyed her company! Words that come to mind in describing Peggy are kind, gentle, brave, fierce when it came to protecting her family (although we don’t think she really would have hurt anyone) and the glue that held all our other Final Refuge dogs together. She was our princess until we said goodbye, and we adored her. It was our pleasure to have her in our home and we know she felt loved and appreciated. Something she deserved. She will be missed terribly!!” – with love from her family Peggy passed away May 2015.