From Penny’s Final Refuge Dad:

My heart is heavy with grief as I send this. I thought by fostering an old dog, that somehow I wouldn’t get as attached and it would be easier to say goodbye. I realize now that was a foolish thought. I loved this dog just as much as any other I’ve had in my life and I only wish I had more time with her.

When she first came to me, Penny was standoffish and I wasn’t she sure she was ever going to like me. I later came to learn that she was just a “one-person dog” and that she just needed to time to get over the loss of her previous owner. Once she came to trust me, she became my most loyal and affectionate companion, friend, and protector.

Penny died very rapidly from ruptured tumors on her liver and spleen. She had a wonderful Christmas and I am so grateful for that.

This photo was taken just two days before she passed, on Christmas. She was waiting patiently to open her gifts and tear into her stocking.

Thank you, ODH, for allowing me to foster Penny – she will always be in my heart.