Penny came into a huge shelter as a tiny ball of curls. She was listed at 15 years old but the local groomer happened to recognize her and said they believed she was 19! We believe she is a shih tzu-poodle mix weighing 6 pounds after getting up to good condition, and may be as young as 14. Somehow she’s gotten younger after moving into a loving ODH home! Penny is blind in one eye with a cataract growing in the other as well; she has moderate heart disease and has had ulcerated cysts removed. Pretty healthy for a little old lady, and pretty happy too. Little Penny’s ODH mom says: We were lucky enough to have Penny in our care for two years. She was a sweet and funny girl. Penny loved to go camping, where she of course had her own camping chair and bed! She loved walks in the woods, always looking for something wonderful to smell. Each morning she would get out of her bed and tell Papa (her Final Refuge dad) that it was time for breakfast and a trip outside. A very endearing quality for this senior lady to have! Even though she could be a little grumpy on occasion, the other dogs in her Final Refuge family loved her very much. When we sent her on her way, we came home and laid her collar on her bed. LittleOne, another Final Refuge dog, came over and laid her head on Penny’s bed as if to say goodbye. Rest in peace Penny, we will never forget you! Penny died July 2015.