How about some sweetness?

Meet Pepsi Cola, an adorable maltese/shih tzu mix ready to join her forever adoptive family!  This nice girl weighs a little over 9 pounds. Adopted from a shelter 10 years ago, her current owner guesses her to be about 12 years old. Sadly, Pepsi’s owner can no longer care for her so she has asked us to find a home with someone who will commit to Pepsi for the rest of her days.

Pepsi has lived with other dogs and done fine with them. A home with friendly, mature dogs would suit her best. Pepsi Cola has never been observed around cats. She is OK with children who won’t try to pick her up or be rough with her. Usually when she is done being around kids, she will find a place to hide. It’d be nice for Pepsi not to have to hide from anyone!

While she is kennel trained, Pepsi would appreciate a home where she doesn’t have to stay in her crate for long hours to wait for a potty break. It gets harder for a dog to “hold it” as they age, just as it does for humans! She truly sounds like a very easy going girl, barking only to let you know when she needs something. The only issue she has is when it’s time to cut her nails and how many dogs dislike that?!

Pepsi Cola can manage stairs but if she gets to a point where that is difficult, she is small enough for most people to carry her! Pepsi enjoys getting out for walks, we are told she does well on a leash. This girl knows how to relax, enjoying soft beds and blankets to lounge in.

As is often the case in older dogs whose owners have not been able to afford care, Pepsi Cola needs a dental. Her adopter should be able to afford this for her, it will make a world of difference for her! Along with regular veterinary care and good quality dog food, Pepsi will need regular grooming. Please be sure to include this in your budget when considering adoption. We just know that Pepsi Cola is going to make someone a terrific companion!

Pepsi Cola is located in Pasco, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Pepsi Cola is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.