Petunia is a sweet little angel who was found up on a mountain tied up in blackberry bushes.  It is unknown how long she had been there but when she was found her hair was horribly matted, filthy and grown out, completely sealing her mouth shut. What a difference in the photo of her before and after! She is a petite little girl at 9 pounds. The vets has estimated her to be about 10 years old.

Naturally, she had some medical issues which needed attention so she got a full senior wellness work up which showed her to be in pretty good shape medically.  Her outer appearance was in much worse straits and those were attended to, as well.  Petunia has done very well in her Furbaby Rescue foster home.

She has a strong bladder but it’s almost like she doesn’t think she will get a chance to go potty outside so she is learning to trust that when she asks, she will be taken out.  Petunia has a great appetite and is not picky about her food.  She gets along just fine with the dog in her foster home and the belief is she will not be interested in cats.

Petunia has spurts of energy particularly just before meals when she dances! She doesn’t play with the other dog in her foster home and sleeps quite a bit.  She does have arthritis in her back which is just now being addressed so she may end up being more playful or more of a walking companion.

Petunia is looking for a quiet, forever home.  Because so much is unknown about her,  the answers to questions such as “would she like to go to work?” “would she like to travel?” cannot be answered.

She seems like a homebody and is just content to be with a person hanging around.  Petunia is a very independent shih tzu.

Petunia is ready for the new start to the rest of her life! She is in a foster home in Olympia, WA.  Petunia is posted for Furbaby Rescue. Please inquire at if you are interested in this lovely girl.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.