Meet two very sweet best friends, Phil and Weasley. Not only do they stay close to each other, they stay close to the people they love. Phil will carefully centrally position himself to keep an eye on as many of his family members as possible, and Weasley will typically be found laying near one of his people. Both adore being cuddled.

They are very friendly to every person they meet, and made the move to their foster family easily. At their foster home they have shown that they always go to the bathroom outside. While they would be welcome to spend as much time as they want in their fenced foster yard, they prefer to wander around the yard a bit, then come back in and hang out near their people friends. The foster family has another Cavalier visit regularly, and Phil and Weasley get along fine with the other dog visitor in the house. They bark hard at cats, bunnies and deer they see on a walk, so it is likely none of these should be part of the household they join.

In the morning both will greet you eager to start the day giving and receiving affection. After breakfast, Weasley, who is about 8 years old, will energetically run around you, inviting you to take him out for the morning walk he loves. Phil equally loves walking, but at age 12, the walks must be kept short (maximum 10 minutes) due to the weakness of his legs. His vet prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication long term to help with his neuromuscular weakness due to arthritis, hip dysplasia and disc disease. Consequently, Phil can love his 2-3 short walks each day, always with Weasley (they never go anywhere separately).

As both very tightly bond with their people, they would be happy and belong in a home where people were always, or almost always, around, as being with people makes them happy. They are not good dogs for a family wanting high energy playful dogs that can be taken on long or fast walks or play a lot. Their dream would likely be a home with a dog stroller, so that Weasley can keep walking when Phil gets tired. Both sleep through the night on dog beds or the floor of their foster parent’s bedroom (they don’t mind Weasley’s tendency to snore). Because of the weakness in Phil’s legs, a single-story home with no more than a few steps outside is best, as are carpeted floors or floor rugs so it’s easier for him to walk and get up and down.

These two boys are deserving of a loving home with lots of attention and 2-3 short walks per day, and their people will receive endless love back. They are excited to find their forever home and settle in.

Phil and Weasley are posted for Cavalier Rescue USA. They are located in Bellingham, WA.
If you think your home will be a good home for them, please complete the online application here: and then email WA rescue coordinator Melissa Cincotta at .

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.