This girl has had quite the journey.  Phoebe was brought to the U.S. from Israel by a shelter in W. Washington state years ago. She was a street dog in her former country and the hope was of course, to bring her over and give her the best life possible. We are told her trip was very stressful and she was terrified by the time she reached her adopter. She has always been an anxious dog, which is completely understandable.

Phoebe is about 8 years old. She weighs 42 pounds and is said to be a Canaan Shepherd mix. Phoebe used to be fine with other dogs but while at a dog park we are told she witnessed a “bad dog fight” that seemed to spook her. Now she is more leery and reserved about dogs. While she can be friendly with other dogs, introductions should be conducted slowly. She does best with mellow, older dogs. It would be in her best interest if her adopter was a dog experienced and savvy owner ready to work with her on building her confidence and trust. She has never lived with cats. Phoebe does not appreciate the sudden, unpredictable behavior of young kids. She needs a quiet home.

Major life changes have caused a lot of anxiety for Phoebe. She is currently receiving medication and natural remedies to try to help with her anxiety. She and her person had to move and the location is not conducive to a dog who is nervous about noises above. Her person has told us Phoebe does not show the same anxiety in her friend’s homes; this is a good sign!

While her person hates to part with her, she recognizes she must do what is best for Phoebe and try to find her a better home. She has worked with trainers as well as a veterinarian and will share with potential adopters all about Phoebe to help make her move and transition as smoothly as possible.

A home with a fenced yard and less traffic and noise would be ideal for Phoebe. She enjoys getting out for walks and exercise but can be reactive while on leash (common for many dogs!) so she needs someone willing to stay focused on Phoebe and the walk. Phoebe loves to run! She can manage stairs fine. Before her move she was fine to stay alone in her home but the move has made staying alone difficult. Phoebe’s adopter will need to show patience and compassion with her as she learns a new way of life with new humans.

Phoebe is a loving girl. She is so deserving of a true forever home with a lifetime commitment. She is in need of a home where she can relax and enjoy being a dog without worries.

Phoebe is located in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Phoebe is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.