Phoebe (now Phee Phee) found herself surrendered to a shelter for euthanasia at the age of 11. ODH intervened and started medical treatment while she was still at the shelter.

Bladder stones were found between her kidney and her bladder causing recurrent urinary tract infections. Sadly, the position of these stones made surgery very difficult, especially for an older dog, so the decision was made to provide the best life for as long as she is comfortable. Phee Phee was started on several medications and specialty food. She does leak urine and is a great sport about wearing her diapers.

Phee Phee also has a knee that goes in and out of place causing her to hop at times. She still enjoys frequent walks. She also has dry eyes requiring frequent drop and shielding from the sun. And of course, she has few teeth and the ones she does have are not in good shape.

Even with all these issues, Phee Phee enjoys each and every day, especially meal and treat time! She has earned the name Naughty Nugget because she steals treats and guards the bed religiously. And her foster family enjoys each day with her as well.

Update:  Phee Phee’s little body finally gave out and she was sent on her way with the best treats and so much love.  Such a personality, she will be missed