Phoebe is a tiny Yorkie who was surrendered to a shelter after a few years of being confined to a crate. She was very weak and covered in filth and mats. Progressive retinal atrophy has left her blind and she appears to be deaf as well. Phoebe has been all cleaned up, had a dental, and is getting a little stronger and more mobile. It’s been quite an adjustment but she’s also starting to show some of her personality. She loves her cozy little bed — she’s very fussy about making sure her bedding is clean and smooth — and always looks forward to mealtimes. We don’t know how long this tiny little girl has left but we’ll do our best to make her feel safe, loved and as comfortable as possible. Little Phoebe’s “good days” dwindled as she became much weaker and then disoriented. Her ODH mom is glad that she was able to give her a few months of love and comfort and that she ended a cherished family member. She will be missed. Phoebe passed away June, 2014.