Phoenix the Handsome Yellow Labrador is looking for just the right home. He is 10 years old and 95 pounds of happy-go-lucky and tolerant big guy. He gets along with pretty much everybody and is living with dogs of all sizes; we think that a cat-free home might be best but he’s been cautiously curious about the cat in his home (who stays out of his way). He should have a securely fenced yard.

Phoenix would like a moderately active home; he LOVES to explore parks and trails and loves to splash in water. (Remember that he’s a big strong dog on a leash!) He loves to ride in the car/truck as well, but is also content to be lying around next to his person. He has not been left home without other dogs around, and can be a bit barky when his people leave. He’s primarily a people dog for sure, but does appreciate the company of other dogs when left home.

Phoenix came to ODH with a very large tumor on his chest that has been removed and healed well. It was a very low-grade malignancy completely removed with good margins, so we don’t expect that it will recur. He also came with damaged skin but that has cleared up quite easily with good care. So now this all-around wonderful, lovable, happy dog is ready for his own home where he can be part of the family in all its activities.

Can you tell we think he’s a great guy?

Phoenix is in an Old Dog Haven foster home in Olalla WA, please email for more information.