Dear (Mr.) Pickles is an almost 16 year old toy poodle loved by his only  owner who unfortunately died and Pickles ended up in a shelter. Knowing that he would be a poor adoption choice, the shelter contacted Old Dog Haven and the rest is history.

Little Pickles is an amazing old man. Even though he can’t see, Pickles is using his excellent nose to navigate the household. And when his food bowl is placed close, he gives out a mighty (well. maybe a geriatric) bark to warn all the other dogs away. He’s up for rides in Mom’s sling and likes to take in the outdoor smells.

And Mr. Pickles feels anytime is nap time. We adore the mighty tyke and hope he stays around a little bit longer. With the help of generous donors and Old Dog Haven, providing for his care, Pickles has the chance to do so.


Dear ODH, donors, and to the people who just love old dogs (we are the best you know),
I’m passing over the Rainbow Bridge now to catch up with my buddies on the other side. I can hear them barking for me to hurry up! But I wanted to say before I go that I was so lucky to have had a great person that loved me before landing in a shelter and a great person to love me after.

Having been a really old dog (almost made 18 years!), I had a good life. Because of you, I was cuddled, kissed, loved in the best way during the last part of my golden years. Because of you, I had the best healthcare to keep me going strong until my big wonderful heart could go no longer.

I wanted you to know before I reach the end of the bridge that I thank you for caring so much about ALL the old dogs, and for this three and a half pound pup. (small but mighty!!).