What an adorable girl little Pip is! She’s a 4 pound maltese mix who is 15 years old. How does an old, tiny dog find herself in need of a new home? Well her person has developed dementia and she can no longer care for Pip. Family has taken Pip in but theirs is not a good match for Pip. Currently she’s spending long hours alone and she doesn’t like being crated, that’s not something she is accustomed to. Pip has lived with another dog before and done just fine. She has also done well with cats. She would like a home without young children; she does not appreciate small children who pester her or try to get into her food-understandably so! Her hearing has diminished but reportedly she gets around fine, even walking on leash well. Pip still appreciates going for short walks and she can be playful at times. She saw a vet recently who said her kidneys were “showing her age” but other than that, she was deemed in relatively good health. Pip’s caretakers call her an “easy dog” who loves sitting in lap and receiving attention. Pip deserves a home with someone whom can provide a lifetime commitment. We think someone will be very lucky to give Pip that home.

Pip is in Everett, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.