Pocket, is a rat terrier, a charmer and a lovely and sparky little soul, who was pretty timid and withdrawn when she left the shelter for an ODH home. She’s had a dental, her dry eye condition was treated (and has now started producing tears on its own), and she’s been in generally good shape otherwise. She enjoys the two other dogs in her home, perhaps they’ve become partners in crime? Her ODH mom says “it¹s so wonderful to see how confident she has become since coming to trust that our house really is her permanent home. I really love Pocket, and so do my family and friends – she has kind of a fan club, actually.” We hope she’ll have much time to come in her happy home.

Update:  Sweet and spunky Pocket died last week of kidney failure.  She had truly blossomed in her Final Refuge home and her family and all her “fan club” will miss her dearly.