When Poppy‘s future family contacted Old Dog Haven to say they were ready for another pup to add to their pack, they tell us they feel that they lucked out – for there he was, Poppy, an owner-surrendered 12-year old male Papillon living in a shelter and not adjusting very well. The shelter asked ODH for help with Poppy, who had both physical and psychological problems. He suffered from a slipped disc, yeasty ears, a mat-covered coat, and terrible teeth, in addition to being very underweight.  Perhaps not surprisingly, he’s flighty and nervous and while he desperately seeks attention and likes to be petted, he fears being picked up and if he feels he’s being cornered, he panics and it takes a while for him to calm down.

Thanks to your support of ODH, Poppy had his remaining rotten teeth removed and he now has the proper medications which have alleviated some of his back pain. His family tells us that Poppy has adjusted very well to the rest of the dogs and at times attempts to play with them. He wakes at 6:30 am every morning and cries to go out, which took some getting used to but it’s getting better! They hope that with time, patience and kindness he’ll overcome his fear of being picked up and become another happy member of their ODH family.

Poppy’s people say, “Thank you ODH for trusting us with another old dog!”

Update:  Poppy was two days short of being with us when he had to leave.  His physical problems made it clear that it was best that we let him go.  He wasn’t an easy dog.  Besides his kidney disease, spinal disease and no teeth, he didn’t like to be touched or held.  If he allowed you to touch him he would back away and growl.  The only time I could pick him up was if he was frightened by something.  But he touched our hearts and we loved him.  He will be missed.