Portia, a brown and tan short haired dachshund, is about 14 years old. She is one long dachshund! She arrived with bad teeth and back pain. Portia would cry when picked up. It was determined after x-rays that she has disk disease in her neck and mid back. Portia walks like John Wayne due to her disk disease. She is a trooper and though she struggles to walk and has difficulty getting into a dog bed, she does it. She is no longer in pain thanks to getter’s the appropriate medications.  Pansy had an ultra sound to determine if she had Cushing’s disease. She has a mild case and is not treated since she has no symptoms.

As for her teeth, wow they were really bad. She had two oral nasal fistulas (Holes from her jaw into her sinuses) where her upper canines were. These had to be closed and all but three teeth removed. She had to have two dentals to complete the work. Thankfully she is now completely healed!

Portia takes pain meds daily. Her foster mom is so thankful to ODH for dear Portia and for seeing that all her medical needs were addressed.

Update:  With much sadness, Portia’s Final Refuge mom had to say good-bye after her health began to fail.  She was a very special girl and will always be remembered.  She had a wonderful time in her new home and was able to really feel loved and enjoy her last chapter.