“What happens when your human ages quicker than their dog and they are no longer able to care for them? They need to find a new home and I’m yet another dog in that sad situation. This is the second time in my life this has happened to me.

“My name is Precious and I’m only 10 years old. 6 years ago a wonderful lady gave me a home when my man had to go to a place called “Assisted Living”. We’ve had a great life together but now she is no longer able to care for me. She has a tank she uses to help her breathe and she can’t walk me as I need or pick up after me outside when I do my business. Because of this, she’s in danger of losing her home.

“It’s been just me and my lady all of this time. I used to live with other dogs. I have a big dog friend I really like! I’m not crazy about dogs my size, don’t ask me why I’m just that way. So a home with a nice, friendly “big” dog may suit me. I could easily be an only dog again though. It’s nice being the princess! I’m not friendly with the kitties and I have never been exposed to kids so I can’t tell you if I’d like them. My guess would be I wouldn’t like young or loud children.

“Some may consider me a “small” dog as I only weigh 11 pounds. I walk well on leash, I’m really a good girl! I hope I find a home with someone who will take me for walks and maybe they’ll have a fenced yard I can run in-that’d be awesome! I have lots of spunk. I am also very smart. I will remind you when it’s time to eat and if it’s too early and you say “not yet”, I will understand and leave the room. I know what it means to go “piddle”. I do bark, I alert my lady to visitors.

“Right now I play with a bath mat but I may like toys. My lady isn’t allowed to take me in the car she gets rides in (she doesn’t drive) so I really need someone who can get me to the vet and have my nails trimmed and give me a check up. I don’t have a lot of teeth left, those that are left should be looked at and I rub my bum on the carpet. I hear you can have your anal glands expressed and that helps a lot.

“I’m used to staying home with my lady. She doesn’t go out much. I can stay home alone if I have to but I’m hoping not to have to go to one of those homes where people are gone all day long! I can hold my potty for about 3-4 hours during the day but I can go all night without needing to get up. I love to snuggle with my lady on the couch. Sometimes we fall asleep there, I help keep her warm.

“My lady is worrying and I know she’s not sleeping well worrying about losing her home. I know she doesn’t want to give me up but it really is what’s best for both of us. She doesn’t want me to go to a home with lots of other dogs nor does she want me to go to a shelter. It will be a great relief to her to find a nice, forever home for me. I hope I can find one soon. If you can’t give me a home, maybe you can tell your friends about me? I’m waiting in Mt. Vernon, WA. for my new person.”

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.


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