What a gorgeous boy Prince is! He is a 26 pound sheltie who turns 9 years old in February 2023. Prince lost his home in early December 2022 when his owner had to go to assisted living. Luckily, a sheltie enthusiast who is also a dog trainer took Prince into her home and is hoping to find him the very best adoptive home.

Prince currently lives with other dogs and cats and he does just fine with all of them. We are told he would do best in a home with teen aged kids, not younger children. Prince is a very loving dog who appreciates physical affection. He will sleep in the bed with his person if allowed but is also comfortable in his crate or loose in an x-pen. Prince is happy to get out for walks but is also very happy just hanging out with his humans. He sounds wonderful, doesn’t he?

Prince has been OK to stay alone for quite a few hours before needing a potty break. Of course we never want a dog to have to “hold it” for too long. Prince is said to have impeccable house manners. He is crate trained but has shown himself reliable to get out when he needs a potty break. Because he is prone to bolting out any exit he can find and take off to “explore”, his rescuer would like to find Prince a home with a securely fenced yard and to know that his adopter will be diligent in keeping him safe from running off through an open door or gate as we are told, he will try!

This boy is loving being in a home where he can go for daily walks. Since his rescuer is a trainer, she has been working with Prince on his leash skills. Prince’s adopter will need to put Prince on a secure collar/harness, leash for walks. He does not have good recall skills! Prince can manage stairs at this time in his life. We state “at this time in his life” because we want to remind all that arthritis or other health issues can make it difficult for a senior dog to climb a lot of stairs. Please keep that in mind when considering a dog. If a dog is too heavy to carry and you have a home where many stairs need to be climbed, eventually your home may not work for the dog. We hear of dogs needing to be rehomed for this very reason.

Thankfully Prince has had full vetting, including a recent dental. His rescuer will share all of his health information with potential adopters. We are told Prince does have a grade 2 heart murmur and slightly elevated kidney values. Prince’s adopter should be willing and able to take him in in 3 months to have both of these rechecked. These conditions will need to be monitored for the rest of his days. We recommend it every 6 months since he has known medical conditions that can progress very quickly. A lifelong commitment to provide veterinary care, quality dog food and regular grooming should be made by his adopter.

It sounds as though Prince can be a barky boy when people come and go. Once must take this into consideration if you have neighbors who will not tolerate a dog’s barking. Aside from that, Prince sounds like a Prince! Someone will be very fortunate to welcome him into their home.

Prince is located in Stayton, OR. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Prince is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 


Deeanne Matz

Cell: 206-450-0797