Punkin came to ODH at the age of 15, unspayed with mammary tumors.    Sadly, we discovered that she had Sick Sinus Syndrome, very common in the breed , which meant that her heart had a very slow beat and very irregular arrhythmia.   Cardiology workup ended with the recommendation to not risk surgery.    We guessed that little Punkin – tiny for a schnauzer – wouldn’t have much longer to live anyway and she joined a Final Refuge home to be cherished for as long as she had.     Then  she developed kidney disease but enjoyed a long trip across the west in her family’s RV.  Then she dislocated a hip but conquered the recovery and continued on – while continuing to cycle regularly.    (If you think your dog is too old to come into season, you are wrong!)    She developed several eye issues, diagnosed by the opthalmologist and under long-term treatment.   But finally one of the mammary tumors became so large that it ulcerated and the tissue died, causing her so much pain that this tiny little body couldn’t go on.    She was 17, and that tremendous spirit had graced her ODH home for two years – evidently she was so happy and so well loved and cared for that she defied the predictions and stuck around.    She leaves many memories.