This petite little lady has always been called Q and had only one owner for all of her 10 years of life. Her foster parents think it must be short for “Cutie” which would sure fit her. Q is super sweet and has been living nicely in a foster home with another small dog. This spry little lady is a well-mannered chipper little thing. She sleeps in a crate at night but she would really prefer to snuggle up under the covers with you during these cold winter nights. She is house trained and rarely barks except for sometimes to let you know how much she missed you while you were gone. She is fine left alone in the house for about 6 hours on her own but she would much prefer to have company throughout the day. Like every self-respecting senior she naps a lot but Q is spry and active and enjoys exploring her fenced backyard off and on during the day – she’s a fearless, independent little thing. She has no trouble with stairs either.

Q is a good traveler who enjoys riding in the car. She does a funny little dance when you come home and when its time for dinner (she’s very precise in tracking mealtimes so you’ll need to calibrate your watch with Q’s internal clock) She is a sweet fun older gal looking for love. Q has lived with other dogs, cats and young children. She now prefers kids aged 12 or older. This nice senior gal deserves to spend her days surrounded in love. She would like to meet any children or dogs with whom she may be living. Are you looking for the perfect lap companion? Q could be your perfect match!


ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.