Railey and Piper are half-sisters who are hoping for a home together. Piper just turned 12 years old, she is a 65 pound yellow lab. Her sister Railey is not quite 12 years old; she’s a black lab who weighs about 50 pounds. They are reportedly friendly with other dogs, only Railey lived with a cat briefly in her past. Piper and Railey have been around kids of all ages and have been fine with kind children. The girls are used to spending most of their days together outside. At bedtime they come indoors and sleep in crates. As they get older, it’d be nice if they could spend more times with their new family. Reportedly they do well on leash but they do not get out for much exercise. As one would expect, Piper is showing signs of having arthritis but she will still run around the yard when her family members come into the yard. A home with many stairs would probably be hard for both girls to manage.  The girls have lived together for 10 years, they are bonded to each other. Piper and Railey are said to be sweet, affectionate dogs who love receiving attention. These best friends are in need of a retirement home together very soon.

Railey and Piper are in Seattle, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

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