Are you looking for an adorable adventure sidekick? Ralphie could be your guy! He is 10 years old, but aside from his distinguished grays, you’d think he was five. The vet thinks he is a pug/puggle mix but his foster parents think it’s more likely he’s a pug/energizer bunny! Not a couch potato, he is a very energetic boy who makes a great hiking companion. His foster mom takes him on at least two long walks a day and he can’t get enough.

Don’t let his permanent frown fool you… he loves all people, climbing onto their laps minutes after meeting them. His foster family doesn’t have other dogs, but he would probably love a doggie pal because he is very playful.

Ralphie was clearly well-loved in his previous home and he is used to the good life. He is a picky eater, but he’ll come with a few tips on what works for him. He likes to couch surf and will flop onto your lap hoping for a good belly rub. He is a pretty anxious boy, he will follow you from room to room and he insists on sleeping in the bedroom with the humans (he is okay being on the floor). He will settle down and take a nap if he is left at home for a couple of hours, but he’d rather be tagging along on your errands with you. Ralphie’s cute underbite and goofy personality will make him your best buddy!

Ralphie is located in Portland, Oregon posted for Pacific Pug Rescue.  If you are interested in learning more email

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.