​9 year old Raska is a 75 pound German Shepherd mix. This lovely girl is an active senior who is an excellent “alert” dog. She will let you know when someone is at the door and make you feel safe. Raska has been an excellent companion for her female owner. But this loving girl is fine with men and children who are gentle and respectful towards her.

Raska is not fond of female dogs but we are told she is fine with male dogs who are friendly and not aggressive towards her. Going to a home with a submissive male who is friendly may suit Raska and help in her transition to new life. It sounds as though she can appreciate the company of another dog. She has lived with cats but she has not been left unsupervised around them.

It would be great if Raska could get daily exercise in her adoptive home. She does well on a halti harness; she is strong and will pull towards other dogs if she sees them on walks. Raska has gone through training classes but her adopter should be able to continue working with her on leash and be able to manage her size.

When she is at home Raska is calm, quiet and happy to be around her person. She can stay alone inside her home and manage quite a while before she needs a potty break when her people have to leave. Of course Raska should be allowed time to acclimate in her new home. A move is always an adjustment for any dog and one should show compassion and patience to a dog so that they can settle in and learn their new routine.

We are told that Raska can manage stairs fine at this time. She does have some arthtiris in her hips for which she receives an anti-inflammatory. Raska’s adopter should be ready to commit to continuing this for her comfort as well as lifelong veterinary care. Raska loves to chase squirrels. It sounds as though a home with a securely fenced yard would be best for Raska so that she can safely enjoy time outside.

Raska is a sweet girl who leans into her person for hugs. If allowed, she will share the bed with her person. Raska will not only look after you, she will be your best friend!

Raska is located in Seattle, WA, For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.


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