Red, a siberian husky about 11 years old when he came into the shelter, had serious GI issues and reports of seizures.   We sent him to a specialist for ultrasound which found a very large tumor on his liver, too difficult a spot for safe removal.  He thus moved into an ODH Final Refuge home to enjoy his life until the tumor overtakes him.

Red is a sweet boy.  His ODH mom says:

He has a sharp bark, like a Jack Russell terrier, and has a lot to say and is very bossy. He will let me know when it’s time to get up, time to eat, and time for our walks. He is good on our walks. I walk 4 dogs at a time & he fit right in, gets along with all of them & loves to stop & visit with other dogs and people.  If I knew for sure, I would say he was a sled dog, or maybe it’s just bred into the breed.

He is a very happy guy with a lot of energy and can be quite the character. He loves to give kisses. He doesn’t know he has a massive tumor on his liver and doesn’t act sick at all. He still loves to play. He is smart, I showed him the doggy door 1 time & he had it down. He dances for his dinner & gives kisses before chowing down.  I love this guy, he is always making me smile.

Update:  After a wonderful time in his Final Refuge home, Red’s health finally declined and with much sadness his family said goodbye.  This boy was much loved and cared for.