Redd came into a shelter at 14 years old, after being a one-owner dog.  He had several health concerns including possibly early kidney failure, he has at least one mast cell tumor and he has Addisons disease.  Pretty much upon arrival poor Redd and went into an Addisonian crisis (stress of the shelter no doubt), requiring hospitalization in a specialty center.  That is being kept under control thanks to his veterinarian.

When he arrived at his Final Refuge home it was clear that he WAS home.  He had no trouble settling in and according to his foster mom “he is one of the happiest and friendliest dogs that  I have ever had the pleasure of loving.”

Thanks to the great veterinary care provided by ODH,  Redd has snapped back from serious health issues and is a happy pup who is able to sleep almost anywhere!  He’s a lucky boy and gets to go to work with his mom each day.

As his foster mom says: ” He makes absolutely everyone smile at the office!   Redd has improved my life and I am so lucky that I get to be his human mom.”   From the looks of it, Redd is also extremely happy to be right where he is.

Update: Suddenly Redd’s legs just stopped working and he was very ready to leave.  This dear and remarkable dog’s health had been failing the last two months so his loving Mom was as prepared as she could be, and very, very sad.   Redd was very special to his mom and was a  fabulous representative for ODH (and his breed) everywhere he went.  Many people came to love him and he will be greatly missed.   We are thankful he had such a loved and adored last chapter.

Mom’s bed is the best!

Grazin in the grass….

Modesty is highly over-rated

Showing off his best smile

Never met a bed he didn’t like