This beautiful brindle girl’s name is Reese and she is 13 years old. Her breed mix is anyone’s guess; Reese has a pretty tail that curls up onto her back. She weighs 56 pounds. Reese has never lived with other dogs or cats, when she meets new dogs she is “shy” around them. Reese likes children about age 9 and up; crying babies make her nervous. Reese has always been outside while her person has been at work but, now that she is older, it would be in her best interest to go to a home where she can stay inside and only go out when she wants or needs to. Reese is allowed inside in the evening and overnight; she is said to make it all through the night without needing a potty break. Reportedly she can still do stairs and she enjoys short walks. Better yet, Reese still sometimes reverts back into puppy behavior when she runs around her yard; playing chase and kicking a ball if one throws it to her. This sweet girl, described as “quiet and well behaved”, is ready for a home where she is not left alone for such long hours. Reese is waiting in Bellevue, Washington for her new family.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

Reese brindle2-FS011116