Who is ready for Cute x 2?? Reggie and Bentley are 11 year old yorkie brothers in need of a new home. Reggie is the bigger boy of the pair, he weighs a bit over 6 pounds. Bentley is the smaller dude weighing in at 4 pounds. Reggie has more confidence when meeting new dogs, we are told he loves them all. Bentley can be a little uncertain meeting new dogs. They’ve never lived with or been observed around cats.  Being such a small dog, one can understand why Bentley is more timid than his brother around young children. Because of this, a home with older, gentle kids would be best.
Neither boy likes to do stairs but they’re small enough that one could carry each with one arm. Bentley and Reggie’s owner have a stroller they push them around in.  They don’t get out for walks but we’re told they like to run around on the deck so we’d bet they’d appreciate getting out for short walks to sniff. Reggie and Bentley like to play with toys and they’ll play a cute game with each other with a toy. Reggie will even retrieve a toy if you throw it for him. Reggie is a cuddler, he loves burrowing into his blankets. Both boys love keeping your lap warm and they are generous with kisses.
The boys were just neutered 3 months ago. This is more than likely the reason they have felt the urge to be the markers they have been. They have been wearing belly bands when out and about in their home. When left alone for a work day they have been confined to a small area together with a potty pad. At night they sleep in a crate together. It’d be great if they could find a home with someone who can take the time to potty train them. Bentley and Reggie need an adopter who will be committed, patient and understanding as well as recognize they may never be fully potty trained. Thank goodness for belly bands!
If you know yorkies, you know they’re little dogs with big personalities that can equate to so much fun. Bentley and Reggie are hoping to find a home where they’re not confined to a small area for most of the time. They are waiting together in Lake Stevens, WA. for their adopter.
These are not ODH dogs; we urge perspective adopters to do their own evaluation.