Like so many of our dogs, Reggie came into a big shelter looking pretty ratty and a bit rickety. The shelter staff asked if we could take him, as he seemed like a lovely dog to take walking but his age and appearance turned adopters off. They also suspected Cushings disease but testing didn’t confirm. Reggie came into a foster home and proved himself to indeed have a lovely temperament, very stable and loving. He enjoys life on a small farm and even is respectful to the resident goats, keeping his mom company whenever possible. His skin is getting better and we’re making progress with treating his liver; perhaps he will develop Cushings but for now he’s happy and feeling good. He still looks like a lumpy old guy but just you wait – he’ll be a handsome creature in time. Reggie’s body failed him on several levels at once: His liver, a nasty skin infection that required very strong antibiotics to clear up, and then his spine. He became partially paralyzed and, despite the efforts of his vet, a neurologist and his very devoted ODH mom, he simply could not get himself up or handle basic functions. He tolerated all the appointments and then many medications but clearly felt worse and worse. He had a strong bond with his ODH mom and she with him; he will be remembered with a great deal of love. Reggie passed away July, 2014.