Remy, a rat terrier (perhaps with chihuahua?), came into a very busy shelter with difficulty breathing on exercise. The shelter vet suspected congestive heart failure; ODH was asked to take him and we went into gear to get him to foster the hour he came off of stray hold. Unfortunately, the problem was in his lungs and airway rather than his heart. Little Remy had a serious pneumonia, probably made more difficult by tracheal problems and perhaps some underlying problems, and he was in respiratory distress. He spent 2-1/2 days in emergency care, at first in oxygen, but then went home to be cuddled and cared for by his ODH family. They made really amazing efforts to help him, were up all night at two emergency clinics, and stayed with him around the clock. Despite his illness Remy wagged his tail constantly, sniffed around the yard a bit, loved cuddling, and was clearly delighted to be with those who loved him. Very sadly, his breathing difficulty escalated quickly on the 9th day and he was released from the struggle. He will be remembered with much love. He passed away July, 2014.