“Hi. My name is Rentas. I am a 14 year old, ​39 pound beagle. After 12 years living with the same family, I was brought to this shelter. I was adopted out by a nice lady who thought she could help me but she didn’t know I wanted to get her cats! So this nice lady had a friend watch me for a few days but she could not keep me either so I had to come back here. I am bummed and confused…

“I am really a nice boy! I just need to stay away from cats! I do great with other dogs, just keep me separate from others when it is mealtime and carefully dole out our treats. This is what everyone does anyway, right? It’s the smart way to feed us! No one can say how I am around kids because no one has seen me around them. Perhaps a home with older kids, maybe age 10 and over would be fine? I can still be playful!

“Because I’m an older fellow “holding it” for a long time can be hard.  I will try my best! If I have to wait more than 3-4 hours before a potty break, putting a belly band on me would be helpful. Stairs can be hard to manage so a home without too many would be best unless you are able to help me go up and down them. When I was adopted from the nice lady, she took me to a vet and had me thoroughly checked out. For a guy my age, turns out I am pretty healthy!  As it happens when most dogs reach my age, I can no longer hear.  While that may sound sad, it does come in handy sometimes when those pesky fireworks go off or thunder booms.

“If you are a stay at home person, I’d fit right in. When the nice lady adopted me, she took me to work with her.  Maybe you have one of those jobs too?  I will bark for attention but will stop quickly.  I don’t want to make anyone unhappy with me. I am a very nice boy.

“I don’t expect a lot of walks but it’d be nice to get to go out for leisurely strolls. I’ve not spent too much time on leash but since that’s the safest way for me to be out and about, patience and time can make our outings enjoyable. For a dog, time to smell is the best time!

“I so wished things had worked out with the nice lady, if not for those cats, I’d still be there! I’m really hoping that there is someone else who wants me! If you do, please come and see me here at the shelter. I’ll be hoping and waiting for you!”

Rentas is located at the Burien C.A.R.E.S. shelter, located in Burien, WA. Please call or email ahead to schedule an appointment. www.buriencares.org/contact

This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.