ODH PERMANENT FOSTER HOME NEEDED:     Wonderful extra-large retriever mix, neutered male, thin at 113#  – normal weight seems to have been 140#.  This very gentle soul has neglected skin and chronic ear infections,  he’s been groomed but will need lots of effort on both skin and icky ears.  He has neurologic deficits in 3 out of 4 legs – wobbly and slow moving but able to get in a vehicle with a boost and can climb 1-2 stairs at this point.   We don’t know that he will improve much with treatment and might be a short-timer on that basis.    He is good with dogs, leaves cats alone, and tolerates kids just fine – a really sweet, easy dog but VERY LARGE with mobility challenges.

Help Retriever Mix – Extra Large!

Please contact Old Dog Haven for information about Retriever Mix – Extra Large!, or find out more information about being an ODH Foster home.