When Old Dog Haven was asked to take Reuben James, we didn’t know anything about his history – just that the shelter said he was a stray.  And yet he had a recent haircut and a new looking collar.  No matter. ​A loving ODH Final Foster home was found for this little fellow.  He arrived​ not neutered and with a heart murmur, bronchitis, an enlarged prostate, bad teeth, an​d an​ eye condition​ which involved swelling of the cornea, giving it a blueish haze.

Thanks to ODH, in his first 6 weeks he​ saw a primary care veterinarian, an​ophthalmologist, a cardiologist and an internist.  He’s been poked and prodded, had his boy parts snipped and his teeth cleaned.  Through it all he has been a sweetheart.

It seems as if he​ had been a treasured pet in his prior life.  He loves to sit in your lap and lean in.  He’s fussy about going out in the rain, even with his raincoat on.  He turns up his nose at most dog food, but knows all about people food.  We can only guess at how he ended up in a shelter​ but his new family is very happy to have him now!

Update:  A mere 4 months after he arrived and sank his hooks, er paws, deep into my heart we found a lump on his head.  It turned out to be a very aggressive cancer. Within a month I had to him go. He left a huge hole in my heart.  Reuben passed on May 11, 2018.