Rex was turned into a shelter, identified as a 10-year-old Dandi Dinmont Terrier. Hard to tell that, he was a mass of hair with his head down and an obvious stagger; he seemed like a very old dog at the end of his life. He spent some time in a shelter foster home while their vet attempted to treat a serious ear infection, but of course was not adopted. His foster mom asked if ODH would take him under its wing, she would continue to care for him. Our vet worked on the multi-drug-resistant infection in his ears while the ophthalmologist worked on his eyes and his foster mom kept up all the medication, treatments and appointments. His balance improved dramatically as his ears became less infected, he became “younger”, but there was no way to rid him of the infection deep in his ears. Thanks to the Maranda Fund, we were able to send Rex for a double ear ablation (complete removal of the ear canals) which finally rid him of the pain he’d endured for no doubt years. The surgery resulted in an aspiration pneumonia crisis for this little guy, 5 extra days of intensive hospitalization, but he pulled through and began to thrive. Truly a new life for this really nice little guy – who seems to actually be a Dandi Dinmont, now 11 years old and enjoying himself greatly. His foster mom deserves great credit for not giving up on him and all the effort it took to make this possible. Happy dog who is much loved. Little Rex was overtaken by a sudden illness; emergency hospitalization and diagnostics couldn’t determine the cause. After 36 hours of struggle he was no better so his ODH family sadly sent him on his way in peace. He is missed. He passed away July, 2014.