Ridley came to us after being returned to the shelter four times. He was the poster boy for “I Don’t Know Who I Am.” He was so damaged; physically, mentally and emotionally that he just couldn’t find his way back to center, even with help.

During the two months he was with us, Ridley was as happy as I think he could be. He loved the other dogs, although his behavior was erratic with them, enjoyed walks, assisted with squirrel patrol, really loved riding in the car because the motion soothed him, ate well, liked playing ball, and persisted in rescuing stray socks from the laundry basket. At times he smiled, and we saw traces of a sense of humor with him. But all of this just wasn’t enough because his mind and body were failing him in ways that couldn’t be fixed.

We loved him very much and he knew that, so when he said, “I can’t do this anymore” the best way we could show him how much we loved him was to release him from his body so he could move on to his next expression of spirit.

We’re grateful to Old Dog Haven for helping Ridley with his physical issues and for giving us the opportunity to love him and to send him Home knowing he was loved and valued. He made a difference in our lives.

Rest easy now sweet boy. Next time you need to find us sooner.