Rocks is a very pretty corgi who is guessed to be between 11-12 years old. A little on the plump side, Rocks weighs 31 pounds at this time. This very nice girl is very good with other dogs though she doesn’t appreciate a dog who is too exuberant in the “getting to know you” sniffs and possible licks. This makes us think Rocks would find a mature dog like herself to be the best kind of canine pal to live with.

As far as cats go, Rocks’ person has never seen her around a cat. She does well with respectful children, though she doesn’t want to be handled roughly (but what dog does?). Rocks seems to recognize that kids can be fun so she does get a little excited when meeting them.

Rocks must find an adopter who can and will take care of her teeth. She needs a dental and will need assistance through diet and gentle exercise on losing some weight. Corgi’s have a tendency to hurt their backs if they are allowed to carry extra weight. One would want to be very careful with Rocks managing stairs. We are told she can do them at this time. Rocks can lose her bladder a little when she is excited. This is something that can be common in older females; a vet can help this with inexpensive, daily medication.

Rocks is accustomed to having another friendly dog around for company when her person must leave the house. An adoptive home with another friend who can “show her the ropes” when the humans leave would be nice for Rocks. She does well on managing without a potty break for quite a while (with the exception of when she gets excited).

Rocks loves to play in the water! She also appreciates daily walks. She is said to have loads of energy and does not act like a senior though she does know when to chill out. Sounds like she is the best of both chill and fun!

We are told that Rocks does bark. Apparently this is a corgi trait? So one must take that into consideration when considering Rocks. She sounds like a very lovely, happy dog. Rocks bounces through the yard like a bunny and does the zoomies when her person comes home. What a fun pup! Rocks is in need of a lifelong commitment as she has already lost 2 homes through no fault of her own.

Rocks is located in Port Angeles, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Rocks is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.