“Hi! My name is Rodeo! I weigh 13 pounds and I am only 11 years old. I am an older fella but you’d never know it. My foster Mom says that I act like I’m 3 or 4! I’m a totally healthy, loving, sweet dog. I love to go for walks and I love to play with my foster siblings in the yard and in the house. My best buddy is a one year old Japanese Chin puppy. We goof around non-stop! I have been an only dog my whole life, but I would really love to have an active younger brother or sister to play with in my new home. I am crate trained and I am as quiet as a peep mouse when I’m in there. I’m fine in my crate—it’s safe and cozy in there! I am happy to sleep in the crate, but my foster Mom doesn’t make me. I can sleep in the dog bed on the floor by her bed. I am looking for a house with a yard because I am active and I love to run and play. I will also sometimes howl when my parents leave the house if I am not in my crate. Therefore, a house would be best for me.

“I am a happy boy, waiting for the next chapter in my life. If you are interested in meeting me, just let Furbaby Rescue know and fill out an application. Licks and kisses, Rodeo.”

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.