Romeo came to bichon frise rescue when his owner died. The family said he had a “minor” pee problem (he dribbled). With ODH’s help, the rescue found a home for him right away but shortly started getting phone calls. Romeo had more than a dribble problem. So he was returned to bichon rescue, and one of their volunteers called ODH and agreed to be his permanent foster if ODH could cover the likely extensive medical bills.

ODH veterinarians and a specialist ran multiple tests; we found that Romeo was born without a muscle that helps the bladder open and close. It was not fixable. He was a special needs dog that needed a band to prevent accidents, daily medication, and routine testing of his urine. His problem is ongoing; he has had a few infections a few times, but with regular checkups, medications and lots of love Romeo is doing fairly well.

Romeo is big for a bichon – 23 pounds. He loves to snuggle, he is a great guard dog, and his idea of lots of fun is wandering through the garden, and rolling in the dirt. Now that the rainy season has started, his garden walks are supervised by his ODH family to prevent a big muddy dog. He seems to love the mud! When he first came he was terrified of baths, but with extra effort from his ODH mom he now looks forward to bath time. Maybe this is why he loves to roll in the mud now!

Update:  Dear Romeo was with his Final Refuge family for over six years, which is truly remarkable given his age and medical needs.  He was a very special boy and will be greatly missed.

Romeo (r) with Tasha-Chan who is also a Bichon – amazing!