Little Rooney found himself left at a big shelter at age 14, very confused and very frightened.    He’d never been neutered and looked pretty scruffy.    Immediately after arriving in his ODH home he decided that the large black lab should be his best friend (and maybe protector).    After some major surprise about this little 19-pound guy taking up residence in his bed, the big dog amiably went along.  They’ve been pretty inseparable ever since.

Rooney is now strong enough that he will have that neuter and hopefully dental; his liver values have improved with good care and less stress – he’s a happy little guy now who hopefully will have years ahead to be cuddled and comfy.

Update:  Sadly Rooney’s health deteriorated and we could no longer keep this happy fellow comfortable.   We are thankful that Rooney was able to give Rooney a loving home and the best of care for as long as possible.