What a lovely girl Rory Sue is! She’s a young senior as she just turned 8 years old. Rory Sue is a lean, 49 pound husky mix with one blue eye and one brown eye.

Rory Sue is looking for a home where she can remain the active girl she is. Daily long walks, runs at the park, time for play and being outside is important for her. We are told she’s great on leash and enjoys the dog park. What a fun dog!

Rory Sue has lived with other dogs in the past. She did best with a dog who was her size and altered. She did not appreciate the young, intact male who tried to mount her and pestered her (we can’t fault her for that!) in her former home. Rory Sue has been very happy being an only dog in her current home. She may prefer an “only dog” way of life but the belief is she’d be able to live again with another dog as long as proper introductions are done, the dog is altered, mature and respectful of her space.

While she has lived with children before and done fine with them, toddlers make her nervous. Rory Sue would do best in a home with kids age 6 and over. She’s never been observed around cats before. Rory Sue can stay alone while you are away, managing quite a few hours without needing a potty break.

This girl sounds like she has so much to offer. Described as being polite and well trained, she adores people and is a cuddler. Rory Sue will be at your side and be your loyal protector when you need it.

Rory Sue is located in Kirkland, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.