Rosalind (aka Rosie Begonia) came to her ODH home as a 13- to 14-year-old “stray” from the shelter. Like many neglected seniors, she was in poor physical condition and her recovery was uncertain. What was certain was that this old girl had an impossibly sweet disposition and a strong will to live. Though she was thin, sickly and confused, Rosie always responded warmly to the even smallest acts of kindness by the people around her. A pat on the head could win her heart. Everyone she interacted with fell in love with her calm demeanor, gentle nudges for attention, and constantly wagging tail. No one knew whether she would get better—her health issues ranged from giardiasis to a large abscessing tumor—but we all agreed she deserved a chance. After a couple of months of rest and careful veterinary treatment, Rosie did recover and her happy Labrador personality started to shine through. She began eating again, slow and picky at first, then with gusto. Once she got her appetite back, no loaf of bread was safe! She became all smiles and play bows, bouncing around the house like a much younger dog. Her eyes are cloudy and her hearing is unreliable, but she can happily follow you and take direction from simple hand gestures or a tasty snack. Her ODH family feels so fortunate to have the opportunity to give dear Rosie a home for the rest of her life. Rosalind finally encountered a tumor that she couldn’t defeat and all the efforts by her ODH family, vets and specialists couldn’t save her this time. She had such a wonderful last part of her life, enjoying a country vacation with extended family over the summer – good memories for sure to be cherished. Rosalind died November 2015