“Hi! I am Ruby, you know, like the jewel. My people will tell you how much of a gem I am!  At 11 years old I find myself in need of a home where I will continue to be treasured and be able to stay for the rest of my days. I’ve been told I am a sweet, calm girl with a beautiful disposition and a gentle nature. I LOVE to meet new people and would love to meet you if you’d like a loyal, smart and affectionate life-long friend.  IF that sounds like you, I am in need of a home soon, please don’t delay!

“I weigh 70 pounds. No one is certain of my breed; just call me a “blended breed”. I have lived peacefully with other nice dogs and have spent some time in my past around cats. Kids are nice as long as they can be gentle. A LONG time ago I had a home where there were children who were young and rough, I didn’t appreciate them at all. But kids who know how to be kind to animals are always welcome friends.I am a pretty chill gal. I enjoy hanging out with my people during the day but if you have to leave, I will be a good girl. I am accustomed to having a doggy buddy so if you have one at home who is looking for a pal, that may be nice! Just please give me time to settle in and learn you will return.

“Walks are fun! I get excited when it’s time to go out. I listen well when I am told to stay with you while on leash. I follow hand signals and some basic commands.I know some fun tricks too. Love and treats are my motivation. I love to please my people and I enjoy making them happy. Everyone I meet is my friend!

“While I’ve done well in a busy household, I do believe I’d be happiest in a calm home with mature beings (human and animal).I can manage quite a few hours between potty breaks at this time but as I age that could become more difficult. The same goes for stairs. I have lived in a 2 story home and done fine with stairs but I’m a big girl and there could come a time where stairs would be hard on me. Carrying a dog my size is not really a safe option so please take this into consideration if you have a home with stairs. I am not much of a barker at all.I’m a really good girl who loves to sleep in my bed- wherever you put it, but I’d sure like it if it could be in your bedroom.

Ruby is located in Lacey, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Ruby is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.