Runt and Delie are a mother-daughter pair hoping to find a home where they can stay together. Both girls are said to weigh about 45 pounds. Runt is about 12 years old. Delie is Runt’s daughter, she is believed to be 11 years old. Currently the girls live with other dogs and cats. They can be a little “growly” when meeting other dogs but we’re told they get along with other dogs. They have never been observed around children.

Runt is the black and tan dog; she only has only one eye. Years ago her leg was shot; she has a metal plate in that leg. She does have arthritis but still enjoys getting out to walk. Runt loves being petted but aside from that she doesn’t ask for much. Delie sounds a little more outgoing. She gets excited when she gets to do anything with her people. Delie enjoys getting out to stretch her legs. Both girls have had general obedience training and do well on leash. It is unknown when the girls last saw a veterinarian for blood work or a urinalysis; at their ages this is something that should be done for them.

Once upon a time the pair were ranch dogs who lived inside the home. The girls are dog door trained and can manage quite a while without a potty break. Delie and Runt have never been left alone without each other. You wonder what kind of stories these girls have to tell! Their caretaker drove to New Mexico to pick them up after an ex-boyfriend told her he was taking them to the shelter. With our courtesy posting help, she hopes to find them a wonderful adoptive home.

Runt and Delie are waiting in Concrete, WA. for their adopter.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 


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