The Story of Ruthie

Our story begins with an older dog in horrible condition, needing help.  She was starved, flea infested, and riddled with many medical issues.  This is where Ruthie first encountered Old Dog Haven.  She was placed into an ODH foster home where she was given truly heroic care for over a month.  Ruthie had lost most of her hair from her shoulders back to the tip of her tail. She was severely anemic from the flea infestation, her skin was infected, and there were still internal problems yet to be discovered.  Her eyes were dull and distant and she showed little hope in her face.  At best, she was given a couple of months to live.  Ruthie was moved to a ODH Final Refuge Home with the hopes that her “end of life” month or two would be filled with love and continued good care.  And this is where we began to see a miracle unfold.

Ruthie truly fooled us all.  She responded to all her treatments and meds.
Well, all but the hair.  She regained much of her hair but had a bit of a “comb-over” on her hips and her tail remained bald.  We could always tell it was Ruthie when we heard the wack-wack-wack of her tail on the kitchen cupboards. The brightness returned to her eyes, she regained a zest for life, and she showed us how life should be lived.  She danced for her meals with vigor, she enjoyed her walks in the pasture, she treasured her comfy bed in the kitchen, and she loved her family.  We will forever marvel at her determination to live.  She was with us for close to 3 years!

Then one afternoon, we knew something was very wrong when all that changed. We think she either had a stroke or a vestibular event. She began to fail very quickly and we knew the kindest thing to do for her was to tell her goodbye. She was brave up until the end, still wagging her tail and letting us know she loved us. With very heavy hearts, we sent Ruthie on her way with lots of love. She will never be forgotten. We were so lucky that we could be “Her People” and we thank Old Dog Haven for all that they did for her over the years to extend her life. She so deserved this!  We love you Ruthie!!!