Sweet Sadie had spent almost 3 months in a local shelter when Old Dog Haven’s long time foster families opened their hearts and home to her.  This sweet gentle lady has mast cell tumors that cannot be removed, and also various other medical issues that need to be addressed.  We are not sure how long she will have with her new, loving home, but this very affectionate girl wanted to say “hi” to all our ODH supporters that make her medical care possible. 

“Hey everybody! I’m Sadie! Some people call me a bully breed, but I’m not a bully at all! My new family says I’m a house hippo or a pibble.

“I love biscuits and I love to snuggle – the more the better. I also love to go for walks, car rides, and meeting new people. My new house has a big yard, and I get to go outside with my friend Happy whenever I want!

“I met a really nice doctor, and she gave me cheese on a pretzel stick! She also gave me medicine to make my itchy ears feel better, and some other medicine to try to shrink my tumor, whatever that is. She says if it shrinks we can try a medicine that will hopefully make the tumor go away. Sounds good to me – especially if I get more cheese on a pretzel stick!”

Update:  Very sadly her family said goodbye to Sadie Blue.  She was a wonderful pit they’d had for two years even though we thought she might be a very short timer.  Sadie fought the good fight on so many fronts, just couldn’t keep goings.  Her mom and dad gave her the very best last chapter and she will be greatly missed.  Sadie was a great ambassador for ODH and touched so many.