Lovely Sadie is a 45-pound, unique, mixed breed girl who is about 9 years old. This energetic gal is looking for a home where she could remain being an only dog. However, if a potential adopter has a mellow dog with whom she could be properly introduced, she may enjoy the company. In the 7 years she’s lived with her current family she has not lived with other dogs, but she has shown a lot of enthusiasm towards other dogs. Sadie has been to reactive dog classes, but it sounds as though she is not aggressive, she just gets overly excited and barky. It would be a benefit to Sadie if she landed somewhere with people who are dog savvy. ​ ​Her people have used a medication used for anxiety whenever they know she will be in a new situation or when visitors are coming over.

Sadie has not been exposed to children or cats. Given what we are told about Sadie, we would recommend a no cat home. A home with older kids-12 and over-may be fine. We are told Sadie will jump and lunge in her excitement. This means someone could be knocked over so one must be strong enough to manage her strength. The same goes for walking Sadie on leash-she will pull, jump and bark if she sees another dog. This doesn’t mean she is a “bad” dog! Maybe she’s just excited to see her own kind?! Regardless, one must know how to control her with kindness. We are told Sadie is very treat and food motivated. That is perfect for a dog who could use some training!

Sadie can stay alone inside her home as she needs to, when her humans leave. She can go quite a while before she needs a potty break. A home with a securely fenced yard for Sadie to hang out in would be perfect.  Stairs are not an issue for Sadie, her people tell us she moves very well, and others always comment they cannot believe she is a senior dog.

Sadie is a cuddly girl who would love a home with someone with whom she can stay forever. She sounds like a girl with so much potential! A young senior who is active; she just needs someone who will work with her on her social skills.  She is in need of an adoptive home very soon.

Sadie is located Seattle, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Sadie is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.