I’m Sadie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix, 8 years old and 16 pounds. Right now I’m Sad Sadie because my mom died. I miss her so much. Then I got put into a shelter because no one wanted me after Mom passed on and that added fear to my sadness. Now that I’m in Furbaby Rescue I’m feeling there’s some hope. Foster mom took me to the vet and I had a full dental procedure, checkup, and shots. If I was at MacDonald’s they’d call it the full meal deal, but in my case I’ve had all of my health needs taken care of so I can have a fresh start in the best condition in a new forever home. Foster mom reported that I do well with other dogs and I’m “oozing in sweetness.” That’s because I was loved totally by my first mom. I like to be by my human and follow them everywhere but right now I only have a temporary human to stay near. I’ll feel complete again when I know someone wants to have me forever and ever. I love lap sitting and cuddling. I have excellent “go outside to do it” habits. I had to be shaved right down as I was a mess, but my fur will grow out again; please just gaze into my eyes and recognize a very sweet and devoted soul waiting to be loved again. I’m saying my doggy prayers for someone who will be around the majority of the time to keep me company. If you have other questions, please contact my
foster mom or better yet, just fill out the application and come get me……puleeeeeze.

Sadie Furbaby.2-FS111715

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.