Sadie the weimaraner was left at a huge shelter by her owner who said she was 14. She was thin, very very stiff with lots of arthritic joints and a poor coat. Her ODH family expected a frail old dog but discovered an athletic, energetic and strong girl. She loves walks in the country as much as she loves sleeping – she does have THAT old dog skill. She has had a dental and removal of a benign mass on her tonsil, and is being watched for possible kidney infection or kidney disease. Mostly she enjoys her life, her family and canine “siblings” and – like so many weims – posting for lovely photos.

Update:  Sadie’s body and mind were failing her as she reached 17 years of age, a very old but very lovely lady.    She was sent on to a peaceful rest and her memory will be treasured.

Sadie weim doing what...-FR071016

All settled in – doing what old dogs do best!

Sadie weim THS-FR071016

At the shelter waiting for her new home…