Meet Sadie, a beautiful Husky mix. Poor Sadie was found wandering with another dog and taken to a shelter.  She was chipped but her person never came to pick her up. Fortunately, the shelter contacted Old Dog Haven for help finding a Final Refuge home for Sadie.

Like many dogs in a shelter environment, Sadie picked up kennel cough and was put on antibiotics. But the cough continued and not long afterwards she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was then put on a course of three new antibiotics and slowly began to regain her health. In order to help her heal, her ODH person took her into the bathroom with her when she showered so that the steam would help clear up her lungs. Sadie loved this steam treatment and she now stands in the door and waits for her person to invite her in!

Sadie was initially thought to be deaf but it turns out that she had a severe ear infection and this may have caused the pneumonia. While her hearing is partially impaired, she comes when called loudly. Her person reports that with good food and care, she’s getting stronger every day: “Sadie loves being in with her pack and adores the attention I give her. She also likes giving the cat a bit of a run for her money.  Good thing the cat is more like a dog and not bothered in the least by Sadie’s antics!”

Sadie’s favorite things are car rides, being outside smelling the air, eating sausage and apple treats, sleeping on her person’s bed and, of course, being petted and rubbed. “Sadie is a bright being and I love having her in my life. She has taught me to live in the present and that life can be good regardless of what is going on in the world.”

Update:  Sadie had a wonderful time with her Final Refuge family and was able to enjoy her home for four years.  We were able to treat her many medical issues and give her lots of love and care which she clearly relished.  Her family will miss her greatly – she was a brave and special pup.